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Slovakia Pheasant Hunting – Wing Shooting at Chateau Bela

Slovakia Pheasant Hunting

Eastern Europe has quickly become very popular for those who wish to have a professional driven pheasant hunt and see a part of the world that was once behind the Iron Curtain. Trek is very happy to once again be hosted by Ben Mekie and Peter Oremusz who have formed the reputable Shooting in Slovakia outfit. With Europe having transparent borders it is easy to combine some great tours such as the trip we are promoting.

Typically 7 days
Wing Shooting
Downtown Budapest, sightseeing tour with Trek Safaris

Each hunter will need to arrive into either Budapest or Vienna, met by Oremusz who will clear your guns and then transfer to Chateau Bela (2-2.5 hours by highway). Mekie will be on hand to introduce you to Bela and staff followed by discussion about the next three days hunting. Each of the three days you will depart the Chateau around 8:00 AM for the 20-40 minute drives to the shooting estates. The last day you will transfer back to either Budapest or Vienna for your flight home.

pheasant hunting in Slovakia at Chateau Bela with Trek Safaris

Trek has reserved three outstanding Estates for driven Slovakia pheasant hunting. Names like Pata, Bajc, Hrable and others are all top class operations and establish a style of shooting that may be catered to each group, some with very high birds and some not as. For this hunt we have contracted 200 birds per hunter over the three days which can be achieved without difficulty. Each day the Estate will arrange five to six drives to pre-assigned stands using beaters, dogs and the traditional horn blows signaling the start and end of each drive. The best time to go is the fall months before winter sets in.

pheasant hunting in Slovakia at Chateau Bela with Trek Safaris

Chateau Bela is the difference maker on this hunt above all others in this region, it has history and culture yet recently renovated to add some modern day features. Bela has 42 rooms with private baths, and all the conveniences of a deluxe property. We will eat in a different dining room each night offering a unique theme to the evenings and include some of the wines Bela is famous for producing. Make no mistake about it; Bela adds a wonderful touch to the entire shooting experience. Non-hunters are welcome at Bela and we will be glad to arrange tours to nearby villages as well as a well organized itinerary.