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Who is Trek?

Who We Are

Trek International Safaris is an association of sportsmen who enjoy outdoor adventures in the U.S. and abroad. Since 1973, Trek has arranged quality hunting and fishing trips for thousands of clients each year involving over 40 countries worldwide and hundreds of different trips.

In the beginning Trek pioneered and outfitted hunts in Honduras and learned the benefits of good scouting habits and hard work. With our initial success there, we took our efforts to Mexico, and other countries in Central and South America where we send more clients than anyone in the world. Since those early days of booking and operating trips, Trek now has over 16,000 active clients enjoying over 150 different types of outdoor trips from Argentina to Alaska, and The Bahamas to Africa. Eventually we expanded our range of services by forming a travel agency with the ability to handle a full range of travel service for customers.

Conservation and Responsible HuntingWhen asking our clients about their travel experience with Trek, the single most common reply was that they loved our all-inclusive packages. Usually they make one toll free call to our office and their entire trip, from their hometown to their final destination and back is arranged. They pay one price that includes most everything on the trip with very few exceptions. No small print, gray areas or hidden items involved.  

One of the most important aspects of our all-inclusive packages is our commitment to handling airline arrangements. This is where Trek is truly unique in the adventure travel sector as we recognized early on that it’s easy to talk about fishing in Costa Rica or hunting in Argentina, but you got to get them there first! We have learned from many years of travel experience that airline schedules can change with little or no warning. Therefore it is critical that you have an agency that is well informed, and has the ability to improvise when necessary. Trek employs four full-time travel agents armed with bulk rate contracts from many foreign and national carriers servicing our destinations. This allows us to block seats from most major points of departure like Miami, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Dallas. In addition to including flights from these cities in our packages, we are also able to offer the best rates possible for connecting flights to these departure points. The ability to block inventory on airlines to control prices, and having a staff that can react to the airline market, are the main reasons why Trek has always been a step ahead of the competition.

In addition to arranging airline travel for our members, we have found that it is also just as important to have the proper documentation for the country you are visiting. Visas, passports, hunting permits, gun entry permits, and all other licensing procedures can be arranged through our office or our expeditionary contacts in Washington, D.C. It is Trek’s contention to retain as much control over these documents as possible. Otherwise they end up in government red tape that may take longer than anticipated. Again, we are the best in the business at getting you properly prepared to travel to your destination where all the fun begins.

We invite you to browse through our site, or call us at 800 654-9915 for a free copy of our monthly catalog. We promise you will get a live voice on our end and answers to any questions you may have.


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Trek International Safaris - operates hunting and fishing trips in over 30 different countries since 1973, Argentina dove, duck hunting, Brazil peacock bass fishing and more.